Will we ever learn how the universe came into existence? Will we ever know what happened during the Big Bang, that cataclysmic event that created matter, space and even time.

Physicists can explain events leading up until 10 to the minus 43rd second of the Big Bang.

But, so far at least, they can go no further back. To crash THIS barrier, would reveal what happened at the very instant of creation.

This smallest interval of time, called a Planck second, is considered the gate keeper to the holy grail of knowledge, the explanation for creation, itself.

Although inexplicable and certainly counter intuitive, the esoteric field of quantum mechanics has shown theoretically, at least, that it IS possible for “something to come from nothing”.

At The Large Hadron Collider, they are now working on validating that incomprehensible theory, producing matter from nothing at all.

It’s not magic. It’s science. And it may soon give us the answer to the greatest mystery of all.


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