Did you know that your body ( and all other objects on earth for that matter…pun intended ) are constantly being riddled with billions of particles every second?

These “cosmic bullets” zip right through your body at near the speed of light and you, of course, never notice.

Exactly what are these subtle, ghost-like particles that invade and pass through EVERYTHING on earth?

Neutrinos are infinitesimally small, sub atomic particles produced by radioactive decay, those reactions that take place in the sun and when cosmic rays strike certain atoms.

They are strange, indeed, with no electrical charge and virtually no mass.

As such, they can penetrate matter nearly unimpeded. I fact, they easily pass through the entire earth in a fraction of a fraction of a second.

Most of the neutrinos in the earth’s vicinity originate in the sun.

There numbers are staggering. 65 billion pass through each square centimeter of all objects perpendicular to the sun EVERY SECOND.

What are they good for? Probably nothing, except for tantalizing and stimulating our imagination.

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