Did you know that your head ages faster than your feet? It’s true. The flow of time is affected by the force of gravity. The stronger the force, the slower time passes. The weaker the force, the faster times moves on.

Gravity emanates from the earth’s center. The closer to its center an object is, like your feet for instance, the stronger the gravity is and the slower time goes by.

If you live to, say 80, your head will be 90 billionths of a second older than your feet.

ID vs Natural Processes

Some opine, “isn’t it miraculous that the earth is JUST the right distance from the sun to sustain life, the so-called Goldilocks zone…not too hot, not too cold”?

“Isn’t it a miracle that the sun emits electromagnetic radiation that is the exact frequency to allow plants to carry out photosynthesis?”

“Isn’t it lovely that the ozone layer protects us from deadly radiation?”

“Isn’t it nice that the atmosphere is composed of oxygen animals need for metabolism and of nitrogen that plants need to synthesize proteins and of carbon dioxide that plants need to manufacture carbohydrates?”

“Isn’t it convenient for us that water is in abundance and that it is the very molecule required for evolution and the sustainability of life?”

“Isn’t it great that the earth’s gravity is weak enough that our movements are not hampered, yet strong enough to retain an atmosphere?”

And a list of such statements is almost endless.

But I submit that all of the above, and much more, happened by pure chance, that they were the result of governance by the laws of natural science and of probability.

To say that it all came into being as the result of some grand scheme, orchestrated by some supernatural power, is a bit like saying, “meteorites always land in craters. They never land elsewhere, do they?”

It’s backwards thinking and so is the assumption that the earth was created and tailored to meet specific needs of living beings.

No, conditions on earth arose according to laws of physics. Then, we and other life forms evolved, conforming to those environmental constraints already in place to become what we and they are.

The earth wasn’t made with living creatures “in mind”.

Rather, life evolved to adapt to already existing conditions.



Located at the left shoulder of Orion is the super giant Betelgeuse. Scientists are uncertain of its distance from the earth because its magnitude is variable. Estimates range from 495 to 640 light years. ( Apparent magnitude is one of the ways to measure a star’s distance)

Its luminosity varies, ranging from 85,000 to 105,000 times as bright as our sun. And it’s a monster in size…with a radius of about 4.1 times the distance from the earth to our sun. That means if Betelgeuse were to be placed where our sun is, the first four planets would be engulfed by this giant.

Betelgeuse is in trouble, though. It has already exhausted its hydrogen fuel. So its core has contracted and we think it is now fusing helium into oxygen and carbon to sustain itself. It won’t stop there, however. It will eventually fuse elements going through neon to magnesium to sodium to silicon and finally to iron.

At that point, its core will collapse and Betelgeuse will go super nova, blowing itself to smithereens and casting those element into space, where they will eventually coalesce and give birth to new stars and new planets. Betelgeuse will then settle down as a neutron star for the rest of eternity.

We don’t know when this explosion will occur. It fact, it may have already happened and we can’t know because the light hasn’t had time to reach us yet.

But when it finally does occur, it will be as bright on earth as the full moon and will even be visible in the day time.


Are you color blind? Eight Percent cent of men are. But only a fraction of a 1 % of women are.

Why is this?

It’s genetic. The gene for color blindness resides on the X sex chromosome. ( recall that a person with two X chromosomes is female and those with an X and a Y are male.

The color blind gene is recessive, meaning that it won’t be expressed unless two show up in the same individual.

It’s very rare for a female to have a color blindness gene on both her X chromosomes. If that does happen, she is indeed colorblind.

However, in males, if the recessive color blind gene shows up on the single X chromosome, the guy will be colorblind. ( the corresponding Y chromosome cannot carry a gene for normal color vision OR color blindness ). So the color blindness gene on his lone X Chromosome WILL be expressed. And that is much more common.


Although certainly not conclusive, it’s looking more and more like the molecules of life were cooked up elsewhere in the universe…that is to say, not on the earth.

Decades ago, meteorites were found to have been loaded with amino acids ( the building blocks of proteins ) and with nitrogenous bases ( the building blocks of DNA ). But a component of DNA’s “partner in crime”, rIbose sugar, had never been observed in meteorites. Ribose sugar is a part of the RNA molecule, which works together with DNA to carry out protein synthesis.

Anyway, scientists now think COMETS may have delivered that ribose sugar to the earth’s ancient seas billions of years ago.

Why? In a lab, they simulated conditions that comets most likely would have encountered as they formed in the early solar system. They placed small dust grains, methanol, water and ammonia in a flask at -200 degrees C and exposed the whole mess to UV. Voila, ribose was produced along with other sugars and compounds.

So, now we have a reason to believe that comets and meteorites may have delivered the necessary ingredients to earth that made abiogenesis, the spontaneous generation of life on earth, possible.

It’s, of course, just a hypothesis at this point, but a mighty intriguing one.



Construction of the a “replica” of Noah’s Ark continues unabated and will be completed in July, according to creationist and builder, Ken Ham.

Located in northern Kentucky, it’s still within a day’s drive of several million Americans. At 500 feet in length, the ark is almost as large as the Titanic replica in the Smoky Mountains and it will cost $110 million.

For only an admission price of about $30, you’ll be able to see human mannequins riding plastic dinosaurs ( real ones disappeared 65 million years ago ).

You’ll gaze in awe at the stalls, where some 59,233 animals ( times two of course ) were fed diets specific for each species…where many were given sea sickness meds and provided vet care. ( Noah graduated from Ararat vet school at age 477. So this knowledge was fresh on his mind.)

Of particular interest, are the quarters for kangaroos, where Noah thoughtfully installed trampolines to accommodate their natural jumping obsession.
After hopping the 10,000 mile journey from Australia, Noah figured they needed some recreational hopping.

On the lower level, see where 50 thousand tons of food was stored…everything from blood for mosquitos… to live fish for Pelicans and various worms for those fish to consume before they, themselves, became pelican lunch.

And for the scavengers on board, Noah provided a steady diet of road-kill, quite a difficult task when afloat on an endless ocean…but with divine intervention, he managed just fine.

Noah’s genius is evident in his design of conveyors systems that efficiently disposed of all matter of dung, from elephant and dinosaur wastes to bird droppings from each of the 25,000 pairs of bird species.

And don’t miss examining the uniquely advanced ventilation system that exhausted foul odors to the outside. ( Noah’s wife insisted on that ).

You’ll step into the navigation center, crow’s nest, where Noah guided his mighty vessel around mountain tops that jutted above the water’s surface. Of course, there was no radar then, so Noah depended on a flock of bats who had been trained to use their echo location to detect unseen dangers in the water.

Get a peek at the private living quarters and the “do not disturb” signs on the door, where Noah’s sons and daughters-in-law conceived offspring that would re-populate the earth in a mere 4,234 years.

Geologists at AiG ( Answers in Genesis ) recovered a piece of the mountain, actually a rock, where the ark came to rest. It’s awesome…even more exciting than moon rocks, found in less exciting museums. Don’t dare miss that!!!

Check out the actual calendar on which Noah counted down the 40 days until the rains stopped. The talented artists at the Ark Encounter, reproduced a picture of the famous rainbow on the left as you exit. Feel free to snap a picture, but please… no flash.

Just added to the Encounter…hear the booming voice of God, as he promises…”NO MORE FLOODS…TSUNMI’S yea!

After the tour, be sure to pick up an informative brochure, complete with colorful photos, so that you may relive the experience again and again.

For a small additional charge, you may have a picture taken of YOUR family with a Dino family. You may even cradle a baby Dino in your lap.

In the gift shoppe, purchase dinosaur eggs, pieces of petrified wood, said to be from the ark and a sealed piece of Dino dung, all suitable for display on your mantel back home.

Before leaving, make reservations for a return trip. As a second-time visitor, you’ll receive a sizable discount and Bible credits automatically emailed to your home church, synagogue, temple, camp meeting or mosque.

As you drive away, take comfort that your visit affirmed your creationist beliefs and fortified your anti-evolutionist convictions.


Were the earth to not have had a molten iron core center, life on our planet most likely would never have evolved. In fact, it would have never even gotten under way.

The liquid iron, deep inside the earth, generates a magnetic field, which shields the earth from harmful solar radiation.

In the absence of this protective shield, the sun would have prevented abiogenesis, the process by which living organisms formed from the precursor chemicals in the primordial seas almost four billion years ago.

Not only that, but the blast of solar wind would have blown the earth’s early atmosphere off into space.

Scientists are convinced that the earth’s magnetic field allowed simple life to begin here, thrive and evolve into the diverse forms now extant.

Why are they so sure? Because of what they’ve learned by examining Mars.

1) Mars has no magnetic field, so the sun’s radiation bathed Mar’s surface in life-destroying rays.

2) With no magnetic field surrounding the planet, the sun blew what atmosphere Mars had early on, off into space.

In fact, Mars atmosphere is 1/100th the earth’s atmosphere, now.

3) Mars topography shows unmistakably signs that Mars once possessed liquid water on its surface. But it’s all but gone now. Without an atmosphere, all the water boiled away, even at relatively low temperatures.

So we are here because of a lucky break…the earth’s magnetic field-generating core.

Without it, the earth would have been as dry and barren as Mars.